This magazine isn’t about advertisements or selling you something.  It’s about love. There has been no greater pleasure in my life than feeding the people I love, and I have never taken that for granted. My passion for food and cooking has been greatly influenced by my heritage, and, the experiences I have had living and working in several cities globally.  It is not just perfectly ripe fruits, or a still-warm-on-the-vine ripe tomato, or pasture raised lamb that inspire me to cook, but the love of my family, and my close-knit circle of friends. At this point in my life, I am never far from a good meal and a good bottle of wine. I hold these experiences dear to my heart.  

My career in the culinary arts spans over 3 decades now and has allowed me to live and travel all over the world, and I’ve sought out food experiences whenever I land in a new place.  It is this constant parade of food knowledge that continues to feed me both literally and figuratively. Many of the meals and recipes I’ve captured here are a direct result of intimate experiences cooking with new friends in new places.  I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning about food, and I hope to continue to share these learnings with you here.

This magazine of my life isn’t for the beginning cook.  It is intended for the cooks out there that have mastered basic knife skills, understand the classic cooking methods of sauté, grill, braise, roast, bake, steam, and are more rehearsed in their kitchen repertoire.  This magazine is for those of us that love putting on a dinner party, breakfasts for family on weekend mornings, and weekday meals that definitely make the Jones’ wish they were us.

I welcome your feedback, engagement, and insights as I share out my passions – Thank you for tuning in.

Mark Graham